Yuri V. Petrov.
Curriculum Vitae.


Leningrad (now St.- Petersburg) State University, USSR.
Mathematics & Mechanics Faculty (1975-1980);
Cand. of Science (Ph.D.) in Physics and Mathematics from the Leningrad (now St.-Petersburg) State University received in 1985;
Doct. of Science in Physics and Mathematics from the Russian Academy of Science received in 1995.
Work Experience:

The St.-Petersburg State University, Mathematics & Mechanics Research Institute, Mathematcs & Mechanics Faculty, St.-Petersburg;
Engineer, Post-Graduate Student, Research Scientist, Senior Research Scientist, Professor; teaching and research work.

The Russian Academy of Science (RAS), Institute for Problems of Transport of the RAS; Institute for Problems of Mechanical Engineering of the RAS, St.-Petersburg;
Senior Research Scientist, Chief Research Scientist, Head of the Extreme States and Structural Transitions Dynamics Department;
research work.

Director of the Research Center of Dynamics (RCD) at the St.-Petersburg State University

2000-Present: Member of the Scientific Council for Solid Mechanics Problems of the Russian Academy of Science (RAS)

2001-Present: Member of the Russian National Committee on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

2006-Present: Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Science (RAS)

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