Fundamental Research in Mechanics and Physics

Research Center of Dynamics
Dynamics of Extreme States and Structural Transitions

Research Institute for Problems of Mechanical Engineering
of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)

Institute for Problems of Mechanical Engineering
of the Russian Academy of Sciences ( IPME RAS )
Bolshoi Prospect, 61, Vasilievsky Ostrov
St.-Petersburg, 199178, Russia
Phone: +7 (812) 321-47-78, Fax: +7 (812) 321-47-71

Extreme States Dynamics Department basic staff:

Research on dynamic strength and wear resistance of constructional materials. New strength and fracture criteria. Effective means of dynamic strength properties analysis for construction materials and design elements of units.

Fast failure process modeling of construction materials subjected to intensive external effects. A new approach to testing of dynamic strength properties of materials, based on a system of fixed parameters invariant to the way and history of loading.

Analytical and numerical solution methods of problems of fracture and plasticity for deformable bodies. Explanation and analysis of high-speed failure effects of materials on the basis of a unified approach and recommendation on their use in practical engineering.

Quantitative evaluations of strength, fracture toughness, and yield points of particular construction steels and alloys, subjected to extreme temperature and mechanical actions. Brittle-to-ductile transitions under dynamic loading.

Criteria of cavitation in liquids. Cavitation under short-pulsed actions. Prediction of acoustical strength of cryogenic liquids for various frequencies and temperatures.

New incubation time based criterion of electrical strength. Predictions and calculations of "volt-second" characteristics. Modelling of electrical breakdown effects in insulators.

Modelling of effects of temperature anomalies in materials subjected to the action of shock waves. Explanation of the effect of anomalously high melting temperatures detected during the pulsed action in conditions of spall failure.

Prediction and evaluation of the effect of anomalous increase of the yield stress (high temperature embrittlement) with increase of temperature detected during the intesive impact action.

New approach to modelling of phase transitions in continua under extreme dynamic actions.

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