Rules of library using

  1. The reader's card is a sole document for obtaining books from the library.
  2. Readers may read library's books in the reading-room or take them home. Possible amounts are as follows:
  3. Depending on the type of edition, the following using periods are established:
  4. It is strictly prohibited to take out of the reading-room the literature belonging to the emergency fund.
  5. Each client every year before july 1 must return to the library all library's literature and prolong his rider's card.
  6. Riders must be careful when they use library books.
  7. Entering reading-rooms of open access, the reader mast give his reader's card to the librarian.
  8. Obtaining the books, the reader must check them and inform the librarian about detected defects. Otherwise he takes liability for these defects.
  9. The reader must inform the library about the change of his place of work or learning, or address.

  10. Offence of library rules can imply the following penalties:
  11. It is strictly prohibited to give the reader's card to another persons. Such offence or the loss of reader's card imply the deprivation of rider's right for the time from 3 to 6 months.
  12. In the case of loss or spoilage of an edition the reader must replace it according to rules of replacement.

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