Admittance Info. (2008-2009 academic year.)

The Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics together with its research units - the Mathematics and Mechanics Research Institute, the Computer Centre and the Astronomy Research Institute - is one of the biggest mathematical centres in the world. The number of undergraduate students is 1587; there are also 299 Ph.D. students and young researchers.

On the teaching staff (364 in total), there are 111 professors and 172 assistant professors. The teachers and other members of the faculty carry out of fundamental and applied research in all areas of modern mathematics, information technology and astronomy. They cooperate closely with the institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, russian and foreign universities.


The duration of an academic year is 10 months. The 1st (Fall) semester: September 1-January 31. The 2nd (Spring) semester: February 1-June 30. The duration of studies in all specialities is 5 years. On completion of the course, graduates defend a diploma paper and are awarded a Specialist's Diploma in the field "Mechanics, Applied Mathematics".

Obtaining education in this field is also possible through a two-stage system: (1) a 4-year programme leading to a Bachelor's Degree and (2) two years of studies followed by defending a thesis for a Master's Degree.

Students can choose specialization in the following departments:

Master's Programmes

In the Section of Mechanics, the following programmes leading to a Master's Degree are offered:

Faculty Administration

Professor Gennady A. Leonov, Dean of the Faculty.
tel.: (+7 812) 428-4210
fax: (+7 812) 428-6944
Address: Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics St.Petersburg State University. Universitetskiy pr., 28. 198504, Petrodvorets, Russia.

University Administration

International Admissions Office (IAO) organizes process of admission of foreign students to Saint-Petersburg State University .
Head of International Admission Office Ms Vera I. Alexandrova
tel.: (+7 812) 328-1551
Address: Russia, 199034 Saint-Petersburg, Universitetskaya nab., 7-9.
tel.: (7-812) 328-32-91, (7-812) 328-15-51, (7-812) 328-97-38
fax: (7-812) 325-87-39


Candidates wishing to study at the University should submit to CIE the following documents: