Theoretical Cybernetics department

Theoretical Cybernetics department is part of the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics at the Saint-Petersburg State University. Theoretical Cybernetics is a discipline in applied mathematics primarily devoted to theoretical aspects of control and signal/information processing. Furthermore, an attention is given to control engineering and mathematical economics.

Staff members

Head of Department: professor Vladimir A.Yakubovich , member (correspondent) of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Professors: Associate Professor: Administrator:
Vladimir A.Yakubovich Alexander I. Shepelayvii Ludmila D. Dvoretskaya
Arkadii H. Gelig
Alexey S. Matveev

Research areas

  1. Stability, stabilization, and oscillations
  2. Lyapunov techniques
  3. Hybrid systems: analysis and control issues, control issues in ATM and communication networks
  4. Chaotic behaviour of deterministic systems
  5. Optimal and adaptive control
  6. L_1-control
  7. Control of nonholonomic systems
  8. Discrete-time systems
  9. Filtering (optimal and adaptive) and signal processing
  10. Distributed parameter optimal control problems
  11. Linear-quadratic control
  12. Stochastic approximation
  13. Robotic systems

The department offers undergraduate courses in mathematical systems theory, optimal control theory, stability theory, as well as various topics in filtering and signal processing, hybrid dynamical systems, and stochastic approximation. There is an extensive postgraduate program. A regular "Theoretical Cybernetics" seminar is running weekly. Furthermore, a number of tutorial and research seminars are running as well.