Physical Mechanics Department

Phone: 428-41-47

The Head of the Department - V. A. Morozov, ass. prof.

physics basic of mechanics of rigid body
fluids and gases
dynamics of plasma
On the department the physics basic of the mechanics of rigid bodies, fluids and gases, and the dynamics of plasma are studied. The essential increase of motion velosities and of deformations of mechanic systems (gas, fluid or solid) are accompanied by complex physical and chemical processes. Successful solving problems of mechanics demands to know fundamental parts of physics and chemistry. Theoretical investigations are accompanied by experiments on many unique devises.


Ass. prof. Yu. F. Gun'ko. Prof. E. K. Kolesnikov A. S. Manuilov Ass. prof. V. A. Morozov Prof. B. V. Filippov Ass. prof. T. A. Khantuleva Ass. prof. A. A. Volkov

The department is a graduate one on the speciality "Mechanics" and direction "Mechanics , Applied Mathematics".