Elasticity Department

Department's Web-server: http://www.math.spbu.ru/user/elasticity/elasticity_eng.html
Phone: 428-69-89

The head of the Department - N. F. Morozov

Leading scientists and lecturers:

prof. N. F. Morozov, academician of RAS (Topical Problems of Mechanics, Theory of Elasticity)
prof. Yu. V. Petrov (Shock-Wave Processes, Dynamics of Destruction.)
prof. A. I. Koshelev (Mathematical Problems of Continuum Mechanics)
ass. prof. A. I. Kuznetsov (Theory of Plasticity)
ass. prof. V. Ya. Pavilainen (Theory of Shells)
prof. B. N. Semenov (Mechanics of Destruction)
assistant N.V. Ponikarov (Mechanics of Destruction)
Research assistant:

senior r. a. A. E. Volkov (Toughness of Substances)
senior r. a. O. V. Temnov (Mechanics of Composites)
senior r. a. I. S Zorin (Asymptotical Methods)
senior r. a. N. A. Nikol'skaya (Nonlinear Elasticity)
senior r. a. M. G. Sulimov (Mathematical Physics)
senior r. a. A. A. Utkin (Dynamics of Destruction)
senior r. a. G.D. Fedorovskii (Inelastic Deformation)
leading r. a. R. A. Arutyunyan (Fatigue and Afterflow)
senior r. a. L. S. Shikhobalov, (Theory of Elasticity)
senior r. a. B. A. Zimin (Mechanics of Destruction)
senior r. a. I.I. Demidova (Fotomechanics)
leading r. a. A.I. Razov (Effects of Forms Memory)
leading r. a. S. L. Kuz'min (Physics of Plasticity)
leading r. a. Yu. V. Sud'enkov (Dynamical Processes)
Guidelines of research on the Department:

General problems of mechanics of a deforming solid body, the theory of elasticity and plasticity, the durability of substances and constructions, shock-wave processes, mechanics of destruction, dynamics of cracks, mechanics of composites, mechanics of biological structures, rheology of substances, the theory of plates and shells, the optimization of constrictions, the experimental and numerical modelling of deformation and destruction processes in continuum.

Resources and possibilities:

The Department of the theory of elasticity is a graduate Department on the speciality "Mechanics" and on the direction "Mechanics, applied mathematics".