The Mathematical Physics Department

Phone: 428-42-11

The Head of the Department - Prof. Ural'tseva Nina. N.

nonlinear equations with partial derivatives,
spectral theory of differential operators,
asymptotic methods.

The Department exists from 1956. Mathematical Physics, notwithstanding its misleading name, is a part of mathematics, not of physics, but its roots are in physical theories, which describe the nature.
Its problems, deep and interesting and very complex sometimes, are generated by different domains of current physics. These are problems of hydromechanics and mechanics of continuum, investigation of capillarity, problems of diffusion, of the theory of waveguides and lightguides, diffraction theory, spectral theory, quantum theory of dissipation, and physical kinetics.


Prof. N. N. Ural'tseva, Head of the Department, Prizewinner of the State Award. Prof. A. A. Arkhipova. Prof. V. M. Babich. Prof. V. I. Dergusov. Ass. Prof S. V. Ivanov Ass. prof A. I. Karol'. Ass. prof. Yu.G. Markov. Ass. prof. A. I. Nazarov. Prof. V.G. Osmolovskii.

The Mathematical Physics Department is a graduate one on the speciality "Mathematics".