The High Geometry Department

Phone: 428-42-07

The Head of the Department - Prof. Netsvetaev Nikita Yu.

Algebraic and Differential Topology,
Topology of Real and Complex Manifolds,
Riemann's Geometry.
The topological school was created in the middle of 60th of the previous century. Its main object of investigation is the topology of differentiable manifolds, i.e the study (with the use of methods of modern algebra) of spaces whose structure in the small is like to the structure of a multidimensional Euclidean space.

The geometric school on the faculty has more old traditions. The scientific interests of our geometers lay in the domain of multidimensional geometry of polyhedrons and convex bodies, Riemannian geometry that studies spaces whose geometry even in the small differs from Euclidean geometry. The Department has tight connection with Laboratory of Geometry and Topology of St.Petersburg Mathematical Institute.


Prof. N. Yu. Netsvetaev Prof. Yu. D. Burago Prof. S. V. Buyalo Ass. prof. Yu. G. Dutkevich Ass. prof. M. Yu. Zvagel'skii Ass. prof. V. S. Kal'nitskii Prof. S. E. Kozlov Ass. prof. V. V. Makeev Prof. V. M. Nezhinskii Ass. prof. S.S. Podkorytov Ass. prof. A. N. Protopopov Ass. prof. Yu. R. Romanovskii

The Department is a graduate one on the speciality "Mathematics".