Sergei Yu. Pilyugin

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More than 150 scientific publications. List of main publications:

  1. S.Yu.Pilyugin: Introduction to Structurally Stable Systems of Differential Equations, Leningr. Gos. Univ. (1988), 160 pp. (in Russian)
  2. S.Yu.Pilyugin: Introduction to Structurally Stable Systems of Differential Equations, Birkhauser Verlag, Basel-Boston-Berlin (1992). (revised translation of [I])
  3. S.Yu.Pilyugin: The Space of Dynamical Systems with the C0-Topology. Lecture Notes in Math., vol.1571, Springer-Verlag (1994).
  4. S.Yu.Pilyugin: Shadowing in Dynamical Systems. Lecture Notes in Math., vol.1706, Springer-Verlag (1999). 5. S.Yu.Pilyugin: Spaces of Dynamical Systems, R&C Dynamics (2008), 270 pp. (in Russian)
    Selected papers:

  1. S.Yu.Pilyugin: Systems of Morse-Smale type with identical phase diagrams, Differ. Equat., vol. 10, N5, 816-821 (1974). (in Russian)
  2. S.Yu.Pilyugin: Cycles in phase diagrams of Morse-Smale systems, Differ. Equat., vol. 13, N5, 874-882 (1977). (in Russian)
  3. S.Yu.Pilyugin: Phase diagrams that determine Morse-Smale systems without periodic trajectories on spheres, Differ. Equat., vol. 14, N2, 245-254 (1978). (in Russian)
  4. S.Yu.Pilyugin: Attracting sets with the strong transversality condition on the boundary, Differ. Equat., vol. 22, N9, 1532-1539 (1986). (in Russian)
  5. S.Yu.Pilyugin: Limit sets of trajectories of domains in dynamical systems, Funct. Anal. and Appl., vol. 23, N3, 82-83 (1989). (in Russian)
  6. R.Corless and S.Yu.Pilyugin: Approximate and real trajectories for generic dynamical systems, J. Math. Anal. Appl., vol. 189, 409-423 (1995).
  7. A.V.Babin and S.Yu.Pilyugin: Continuous dependence of an attractor on the shape of domain, Zap. Nauchn. Sem. POMI, vol. 221, 58-66 (1995).
  8. V.A.Pliss and S.Yu.Pilyugin: Persistent structures for diffeomorphisms with ergodic invariant measure, Dokl. Ross. AN, vol. 343, N3, 312-313 (1995). (in Russian)
  9. V.S.Afraimovich and S.Yu.Pilyugin: Special pseudotrajectories of lattice dynamical systems, Rand. and Comp. Dyn., vol. 4, N1, 29-47 (1996).
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  20. S.Yu.Pilyugin: C1-variant of Arnold's conjecture on limit sets of domains, Proc. St.Petersb. Math. Soc., vol. 10, 173-183 (2004). (in Russian)
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