N.K. Kossovski

N.K. Kossovski
Professor, Doctor
Head of the Computer Science Department
at the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics,
St.Petersburg State University

fax +7 (812) 428 66 49 to the russian version
e-mail kosov@NKK1022.spb.edu

His investigations are connected with algorithm complexity theory, logic programming, artificial intelligence (logical methods, heuristic search).

The last international conferences (before 1996) abroad Russia in which he took part are: 10th International Conference on Logic Programming (1993 Hungary), Logic Colloquium (1994 France), Annual Conference of the European Association for Computer Science Logic (1994 Poland, 1995 Germany)

His name is known by Martin Davis (USA), Denis Richard (France), Henk Bardregt (the Netherlands), Jerzy Tiuryn (Poland), Igor Walukiewicz (Poland), Paul Voda (Slovakia), Costike Cazacu (Roumania), Dimitr Scordev (Bulgaria).

publication list

  1. Kossovski N. Foundations of elementary algorithm theory. Leningrad, Leningrad State University, 1987. 153 p. (in Russian)
  2. Babaev I.O., Gerasimov M.A., Kossovski N.K., Solovjov I.P. Intellectual Programming. Turbo Prolog and Refal-5 for personal computers. St.Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, 1992. 167 p. (in Russian).
  3. Kossovski N.K. Level logics. // Notices of scientific seminars of St. Petersburg branch of mathematical institute of Russian Academy of Sciences. V. 220. St.Petersburg, "Nauka", 1995. P. 72-81. (in Russian).
  4. Kossovski N.K. Complexity of Rational Level Sublogics Decidability. // Abstracts of Papers NSL'95. Second Workshop on Non-Standard Logics and Logical Aspects of Computer Science. Irkutsk, Russia,1995. P. 46 - 47.
    This is a translation from Russian of the paper

  5. Kossovski N.K. Deduction Algorithms on Rational Level Logic. // Abstracts of the Second International Conference "Mathematical Algorithms". Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, 1995. P. 28 - 29.
    This is the text of the paper

  6. Kossovsky N., Solovjov I. Some recursive specifications for simulation clarity. // International Workshop on Mathematical Meyhods and Tools in Computer simulation. Preprint MM-94-01. St.Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, 1994. P. 82 - 85.
  7. Kossovski N., Tishkov A. Decision Complexity of Linear Rational Level Logic. // ASL, Logic Colloquium 95, Haifa, Israel, 1995. P. PROOF-67.
  8. Dmitrieva M.V., Kossovskaya T.M., Kossovski N.K., Kostin V.A., Solovjov I.P., Fitialoff S.Y. Control of the Search AI Problems. // Abstracts of the International Conference "Mathematics. Computer. Education." Moscow, 1995. P.70.
  9. Kossovsky N.K., Solovjov I.P. Fsn-backtracking with function-patterns. // Publ. Math. Debrecen. 48/3-4 (1996), 339-348.
  10. Kossovski N.K., Tishkov A.V. Logical theory of Post Logic with linear order. TR-98-11, Department of Informatics University Paris-12. 9p.
  11. Kossovski N.K., Tishkov A.V. Mathematical reasoning for fuzzy propositions. // Proc. of International Conference on informatics and control, v.2, St.Petersburg, 1997, 522-529.
  12. Kossovski N.K. Lower Bounds of Combinational Complexity for Exponential Search Ruduction. - Amer. Math. Transl. (2) Vol.178,1996.
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  14. Kossovski N.K., A.V.Tishkov. Mathematical reasoning for fuzzy propositions. - Proc.Int.Conf.on Informatics and Control. v.2,St.-Petersburg,1997. P. 522-529.
  15. Kossovski N.K., Tishkov A. Decision algorithm of quantifier-free theory of mixed superlinear inequalities. - .Intern. Conf. Computer Algebra in Scientific Computing. Ext.abstracts. St.Pb, 1998. P. 81-84.
  16. Kossovski N. Decidability complexity of quantifier-free negationless theory of the field of rational numbers. // First St.Petersburg Days of Logic and Computability. Abstracts. St.Petersburg, 1999. P. 26.
  17. Kossovski N.K., Tishkov A.V., Iaroslavski V.V. The propositional N-agent logic. // Proc. of the 1-st Internaional Workshop of Central and Eastern Europe on Multi-Agent Systems. CEEMAS'99. June 1-4, 1999, St.Petersburg, Russia. Pp. 331-333.
  18. Kossovski N. Sequentcalculus for generalization of Getmanova's logic to the predicates. // The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic. V.1, Num.2, June 1995. P. 245.
  19. Beauquier D., Kossovski N., Smirnova E. An algorithm for solvability testing of elementary linear inequalities systems.// Abstracts of the 6th IMACS International IMACS Conference on Applications of Computer Algebra. St.Petersburg, 2000. P. 59-61.

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