Calculation of rational stock cutting
The total title is
L. V. Kantorovich, V. F. Zalgaller. Calculation of rational cutting of stock, Leningrad, Lenizdat, 1951.
This book is very interesting. It was written by L. V. Kantorovich with a young mathematician, Victor Abramovich Zalgaller, who was not too far graduated from the Leningrad University.

Kantorovich sent him to a Egorov vagon-building works, and Zalgaller helped the enterprise stuff and workers to calculate the best cutting patters of steel sheets. The book contains a detailed description of their experience. Note that they had no computers, and maybe that lack of calculation abilities directed them to propose a method that was later named the column generation technique.

The book was republished at 1971 in Novosibirsk with large addenda and bibliography collected by V. A. Zalgaller.

Translation: Romania (1972).