Meeting of 6th Course, 1985
The photo was made during the 25th anniversary of the so called "6th course". It was a special occasional work of education when several dozen of young economists were selected to be trained for one year in mathematics and its use in modelling of economy.

First line (left to right): V. A. Zalgaller, V. A. Vorotilov, I. V. Kotov, L. V. Kantorovich, M. K. Gavurin, G. Sh. Rubinstein, L. I. Gor'kov, A. A. Korbut.
Second line: N. E. Dmitrieva, R. L. Rajackas, T. V. Shalabina, T. T. Orlova (Maximova), B. I. Kuzin, L. P. Mjasnikova, V. A. Kardash, M. A. Gremjachinskaja, G. V. Shalabin, D. I. Bakalinskaja, A. A. Shejkevich, I. M. Barabanova (Churkina), M. K. Surikova, T. I. Makarova, (Lecturer on accounting), M. I. Virchenko, P. A. Kan, A. A. Anikeich.