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I graduated from Saint-Petersburg University, faculty of mathematics and mechanics in 2007 with masters degree (more precisely russian "специалист" degree). Then, I entered postgraduate school and worked under supervision of Boris Novikov. During this time I also worked for a few industry companies as a programmer (see cv for details). Now, I'm finishing my Ph.D. thesis and teach at the University.


I was born in Saint-Petersburg, Russia in 1984 and lived there ever since. In 2002 I enrolled to faculty of mathematics and mechanics and studied there till 2007. During my studies I worked as an intern in the Intel's lab at the faculty and was awarded with a lab's scholarship. I also participated in a number of summer schools and conferences. After finishing master's thesis I entered postgraduate studies at the University.

During my postgraduate studies I worked under supervision of Boris Novikov and was affiliated with Information Management Group. At the same time I worked for a few industry companies as a programmer. Now, I'm working on my Ph.D. thesis and teach a few courses at the University holding an "ассистент"(assistant professor) position at the department of informatics. Also, I help to run a DBMSE and R-tree re-evaluation projects.

I speak Russian (native), English (good) and French (basic).


My current research interests are mainly about distributed databases. In the past, I also was interested in information retrieval: XML retrieval and recommender systems.


Here is the short list, for the full list see CV.

  • ACM SIGMOD 2013 programming contest: document filtering system; 3rd place (team "Rota Fortunae", coach).
  • ACM SIGMOD 2010 programming contest: distributed query engine; 3rd place (team "spbu")
  • ACM SIGIR 2010 application challenge, winner
  • Scholarship of Russian Federation Government, 2009


  • Russian Fund for Basic Research 12-07-31050, 2012-2013