Inquiry and bibliographic library service

  1. Index

  2. Alphabetical index is a library directory where bibliographical records are placed in alphabetical order of names or surnames of individual authors and also of titles of their works.
    Descriptions of works having one to three authors are placed in the index according to the first author's surname.
    Works of four or more authors are placed in the index in the order of works' titles.
    The alphabetical index can answer the following requests: The alphabetical index of the whole library shows the literature that is available in library subscription, reading-room, Astronomical Observatory, and Computing Center:
      1. native editions
      2. foreign editions
    The index in the reading-room shows only the literature available in the reading-room.
  3. The index of periodicals
      1. native
      2. foreign
    With the help of this index one can get information on the availability of certain periodical or continued editions in the library
  4. The systematic catalogue

  5. In the systematic catalogue bibliographical records are placed according to departments of notion, with the use of the system of bibliographical classification.
    The systematic catalogue accomplishes the thematic requests when bibliographic data about a book are unknown.
    The systematic catalogue has an auxiliary apparatus:
    subject index. It is an alphabetical list of subject rubrics that discover the contents of items shown in the systematic catalogue together with their classification indices.
  6. The catalogue of microfishes (in the room of research workers)

  7. It gives information on available microfiches of foreign editions.
  8. The card-file of works of members of faculty stuff (in the room of research workers).
  9. The card-file of bibliographic editions that are in the room of research workers.