Call for Papers: Extending Database Technologies (EDBT2009)

Important Dates

Abstract Submission Sep. 19, 2008
Paper Submission Sep. 26, 2008
Demo paper submission Sep. 26, 2008
Industrial paper Submission Sep. 26, 2008
Notification to Authors Nov. 14, 2008
Camera ready copy due Dec. 12, 2008
Conference March 2426, 2009
Workshops March 22, 27, 2009

Conference Theme

Data management constitutes the essential enabling technology for scientific, engineering, business, and social communities. Technological trends, novel applications, and sophisticated user interactions, they all require robust and flexible database technology to be deployed in a variety of environments and for several diverse purposes. Established data management solutions are challenged by applications aimed at personal information systems, biomedical informatics, virtual digital libraries, and virtual communities. Technical leverage of peer-to-peer architectures, pervasive and ubiquitous computing, and trust management are just a small sample of the great challenges ahead of us that drive research and development of the next generation of database technology.

The new information paradigms and requirements will move our research community away from any narrow interpretation of databases and expand its focus to the hard problems faced by broad visions of data, information, and knowledge management. Amongst these the challenges posed by the Semantic Web and information retrieval are just barely supported in the database technology today.

Researchers are encouraged to send contributions that pick up on brand new challenges and explore new and exciting technical directions wherever data management issues may be found.

Topics of Interest

EDBT 2009 invites submissions of original research contributions, as well as proposals for panels, tutorials and software demonstrations. The conference covers a broad range of topics, including traditional database management as well new issues arising in any possible domain. Prospective authors are encouraged to consider novel topics and approaches rather than incremental improvements of existing results.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of topics covered by the conference:

Content, Length, and Formatting

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Demo Papers

Demo proposals should state the technical problem addressed by the system to be demonstrated, explain its novelty and its contribution. The proposals should also describe the demonstration scenario, with sufficient detail so that the demonstration PC can assess the facility with which conference participants can understand and appreciate the software demonstration.

Industrial and Applications Papers

The Industry and Applications Track of the EDBT 2009 Conference will be a forum for high quality presentations on innovative commercial software and applications for all facets of information technology with emphasis on database systems, information retrieval systems, metadata management, information integration and XML. Submissions must relate to commercial software or applications of research technologies in practice. Acceptance criteria will be innovativeness of software and the potential impact of the solution. Position papers from industry outlining trends and novel research requirements are also welcome.

Keynote Speakers

Umeshwar Dayal

Program Committees

Main track

Martin Kersten chair (CWI)

Afanasiev,Loredana (Netherlands)
Aref,Walid (USA)
Balke,Wolf-Tilo (Germany)
Bell,David (UK)
Boehlen,Michael (Italy)
Bohm,Christian (Germany)
Bonifati,Angela (Italy)
Bouezeghoub,Mokrane (France)
Brayner,Angelo (Brasil)
Bry,Francois (Germany)
Buchmann,Alex (Germany)
Casati,Fabio (Italy)
Catarci,Tiziana (Italy)
Cetintemel,Ugur (USA)
Chen,Zhiyuan (USA)
Christian Kanne,Carl (Germany)
Christophidis,Vassilis (Greece)
Collet,Christine (France)
Comai,Sara (Italy)
Dayal,Umeshwar (USA)
Dessloch,Stefan (Germany)
de Vries,Arjen (Netherlands)
Dittrich,Jens (Switzerland)
El Abbadi,Amr (USA)
Fuhr,Norbert (Germany)
Gertz,Michael (USA)
Ghandeharizadeh,Shahram (USA)
Goethals,Bart (Belgium)
Grabs,Torsten (USA)
Gudes,Ehud (Israel)
Gustavo,Alonso (Switzerland)
Guting,Ralf (Germany)
Haav, Hele-Mai (Estonia)
Helmer,Sven (Denmark)
Hidders,Jan (Belgium)
Idreos,Stratos (Netherlands)
Jagadish, H/V/ (USA)
Jeffery,Keith (UK)
Jin,Ruoming (UK)
Kemme,Bettina (Canada)
Kollios,George (USA)
Koudas,Nick (Canada)
Koutrika,Georgia (USA)
Li,Chen (USA)
Li,Qing (China)
Mamoulis,Nikos (China)
Matthes,Florian (Germany)
Mattoso,Marta (Brasil)
Mitra,Prasenjit (USA)
Mouaddib,Noureddine (France)
OrlandoPereira,Jose (Portual)
Ozsoyoglu,Gultekin (USA)
Ozsu,Tamer (Canada)
Pacitti,Esther (France)
Paton,Norman (UK)
Pei,Jian (US)
Pichler,Reinhard (Austria)
Pitoura,Evaggelia (Greece)
Prabhakar,Sunil (USA)
Pucheral,Philippe (France)
Rahm,Uwe (Australia)
Ramamritham,Krithi (India)
Risch,Tore (Sweden)
Scheuermann,Peter (USA)
Scholl,Marc (Germany)
Seidl,Thomas (Germany)
Sellis,Timos (Greece)
Siebes,Arno (Netherlands)
S. Jensen,Christian (Denmark)
Sirangelo, Cristina (UK)
Spiratos,Nicolas (France)
Suciu,Dan (USA)
Tannen,Val (USA)
Tao,Yufei (China)
Theobald,Martin (USA)
Toman,David (Canada)
Toroslu,Hakki (Turkey)
Triantafillou,Peter (Greece)
Turker,Can (Switzerland)
Varde,Aparna (USA)
Vassalos,Vasilis (Greece)
Wang,Haixun (USA)
Whang,Kyu-Young (Korea)
Wolfson,Ouri (USA)
Xu Yu,Jeffrey (China)
Yokota,Haruo (Japan)
Yu,Philip (USA)

Demo track

Stefan Manegold chair (CWI)

Daniel Abadi (USA)
Ira Assent (Germany)
Bishwaranjan Bhattacharjee (USA)
Philippe Bonnet (Denmark)
Christof Bornhoevd (USA)
Luc Bouganim (France)
Ander de Keijzer (The Netherlands)
Johann Gamper (Italy)
Raghav Kaushik (USA)
Qiong Luo (Hong Kong)
Holger Meyer (Germany)
Dan Olteanu (UK)
Raghunath Othayoth Nambiar (USA)
Meikel Poess (USA)
Neoklis Polyzotis (USA)
Jun Rao (USA)
Ralf Schenkel (Saarbrucken Germany)
Matthias Schubert (Germany)
Alkis Simitsis (USA)

Industrial track

Polutin, Vladimir (Russia)

Ricardo Baeza-Yates (Spain)
Jidong Chen (China)
Dean Jacobs (USA)
Christian Lang (USA)
Lipyeow Lim (USA)
Pankaj Mehra (USA)
Stefanie Scherzinger (USA)
Ilya Segalovich (Russia)
Timos Sellis (Greece)
Jens Teubner (Switzerland)