About Department

The department of Hydroaeromechanics was founded in 1929. Since 2014 it is directed by Professor Elena Kustova, expert in non-equilibrium physical and chemical gas dynamics.

The department of Hydroaeromechanics trains specialists in Mechanics (programs "Mechanics of Fluids and Gases" and "Statistical Gas Dynamics"), bachelors and magisters in Mechanics and Applied Mathematics (programs "Mechanics of Fluids and Gases" and "Molecular Kinetic Theory of Fluids and Gases").

In the present time, the teaching activity is conducted by 12 lecturers, among them 8 professors, 4 associate professors. About 35 under-graduate and 20 post-graduate students belong to the department.

Areas of Theoretical Studies
  • Physical-chemical gas dynamics
  • Dynamics of complex media
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Supersonic aerodynamics
  • Dynamics of viscous flows

Experimental facilities


The studies carried out by the members of the department can be applied in aerospace technologies, in particular, for the calculation of reentry trajectories, thermal loads on the surface of space vehicles, for the improvement of aerodynamics of aircrafts.

Studies of two-phase flows are important for the modeling of dynamics and heat transfer in dusty media (for instance, during the Mars reentry), for developing of new materials persistent to the impact of high-speed solid particles.

The results of recent studies can be applied also in laser and chemical technologies, acoustics, automotive industry, in ecology, medicine, and biomechanics.