Laboratory of Aerodynamics was founded in 1933.

Theoretical studies in the laboratory of aerodynamics
  • Physical and chemical aerodynamics
  • Flows of rarefied and dense gas mixtures
  • Flows of gas-solids suspensions and some problems of fluidization
  • The theory of probability processes and their applications in aerodynamics
    (Rice series, Markov processes, roughness)
  • The theory of local interaction in rarefied gas dynamics
  • Nonlinear dynamics

  • Determination of aerodynamic forces acting on the body in the air stream
  • Surface pressure measurements
  • Local velocity measurements near the bodies in the air stream

Two subsonic wind tunnels:
  • AT-12
    Open working section 1.5 m
    Free-stream velocity 0-40 m/s
  • AT-11
    Open working section 2.25 m
    Free-stream velocity 0-70 m/s

Applied engineering methods
  • Definitions of wind loads on buildings and structures
  • Measurements of aerodynamic coefficients of trains, lorries
  • Prediction of wind speeds at pedestrian levels around buildings
  • Investigation of oscillations of the body suspended under the helicopter
  • Selection of chimney, wind turbines places